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Providing a Systematic Approach to Help Prevent Losses & Keep your Insurance Costs Low

At Jacobson Professional Insurance, we know that insurance is not a substitute for risk management. Rather, insurance is just one component of the risk management practices that every business should employ. This systematic approach to protecting your firm includes identifying exposures in order to reduce, control, or even eliminate the potential for losses that arise from them. In doing so, we will position your malpractice insurance policy as your last line of defense against malpractice claims as opposed to your first or only line of defense.

The initial and most important step in the risk management process is the identification of exposures because you cannot protect against them if they are never identified. These exposures are then grouped for treatment into one of four risk categories: strategic, operational, financial, & hazard. Your malpractice insurance policy covers losses arising from strategic and operational risks, so our main risk management focus is to control and prevent losses arising out of these risk areas with the goal of helping your firm to avoid ever having to file a malpractice claim or even a potential claim. The fewer claims filed, the less you are actually using your policy. This ensures that your premiums will be lower year after year; either from the same carrier or a new carrier that values your focus on claim prevention. Not only do we endeavor to find the best possible coverage for your firm in the present year, we also focus on the long-term protection of your firm through the implementation of sound risk management strategies.

Risk Management Analysis – FREE!
Jacobson Professional Insurance will conduct an in depth risk management analysis of your firm’s current practices and procedures to identify and control areas that tend to lead to malpractice claims.

We also offer additional risk management services:

Retainer Agreement Review Service – FREE!
One of the easiest ways to protect your firm from malpractice claims is to use retainer and termination agreements for 100% of your engagements. We strongly recommend that you follow this practice. At no cost to you, we will have your contracts reviewed by a former Assistant Ethics Counsel in the Office of Attorney Ethics of the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Contact us for more information.

Case Evaluation and Support – Discounted hourly rates
Jacobson Professional Insurance has partnered with two leading resources that provide unmatched case evaluation and support. These companies specialize in analyzing potential cases to determine the need for expert assessment, and if so, will act as a consultant for you on all matters from discerning the relevant facts of the case to deposition preparation to finding the best expert witnesses, and everything in between. When you partner with one of these firms, it is like having another team of legal experts at your disposal without the overhead. These firms will not only help to minimize your exposure to malpractice claims, but will also help to increase winning percentage and average case award size. Each company will provide discounted hourly rates to Jacobson Professional clients.

Continuing Legal Education Courses – FREE!
CLE courses are not only mandatory to maintain your standing as an attorney, but also can provide invaluable information to be used in avoiding malpractice claims. We can provide CLE seminars featuring experts and legal malpractice insurance professionals. Contact us for more information.

Risk Management Hotlines- FREE!
Many of our carriers provide a free risk management hotline for consultation about potential malpractice claims. We strongly recommend you take advantage of these services, and can help your firm locate the appropriate risk managers when needed.