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Our Team of Risk Specialists are Experts in Providing Legal Malpractice Insurance to Law Firms in NY & NJ

Phone: 973-671-1701
Fax: 973-671-1702

Scott Jacobson founded Jacobson Professional Insurance in 2011 and currently serves as the president of the agency. Mr. Jacobson earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Financial Management from Indiana University-Bloomington. Following graduation, he worked as a clerk at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. When the Mercantile Exchange transitioned to an electronic trading format, Mr. Jacobson followed in his father’s footsteps and began working in the insurance industry. Mr. Jacobson earned his CLCS designation from the Hartford School of Insurance and was subsequently hired by a Fortune 500 brokerage in Chicago to join their new producer program. After excelling in the program, Mr. Jacobson was recruited to their professional liability insurance department. Over the next two years he became the largest new producer in the division by focusing on law firms. Mr. Jacobson and his family then relocated to New Jersey where he immediately began using the skills learned in the Chicago Market to become one of the largest new producers in the tri-state area for a large regional brokerage. Building on this vision, Mr. Jacobson decided to start his own business founded on his ability to incorporate relationships and service with competitive pricing for all of his clients. This eclectic approach separates Mr. Jacobson as both a Producer and Business Owner. Scott can be reached at 973-671-1701 and scott@jacobsonprofessional.com.